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Aloha! I'm Jennifer, a mother of two precious girls and Romana's certified Pilates instructor/owner of Pineapple Pilates Kauai LLC. Romana's Pilates is the TRUE Pilates Method that was handed down from Joseph Pilates and his wife to world renowned protege Romana Kryzanowska. For over 80 years Joseph Pilates original approach has proven to work wonders when applied by a qualified instructor who understands how to develop and tailor a workout specific to your body and capabilities. When applied correctly, it will make you look, feel and move better! Stop by today and see what we have to offer. Learn more about Romana's Pilates http://www.romanaspilates.com/aboutus.html

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A Little About me

I've always had a love for athletics, from soccer to dance to running and of course all types of water sports. While living in Key Largo, Florida, I found Romana's Pilates and after first couple sessions I knew I had to make Pilates a part of my life! With that thought in mind, I began a year long apprenticeship with Romana's Pilates. I traveled through out South East Florida to train with Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia Santo (Romana's daughter) as well as some of Romana's Pilates top instructors Daria Pace (Romana's granddaughter), Jamie Trout and Kerri Bender. After over 900 hours of training i've become certified in 2010. I started teaching internationally at highly accredited studios in Singapore and Bermuda. While in Singapore, I continued my training with Cynthia Lochard. I then moved to the Dominican Republic and had created 'Pilates for Hope", a home studio that was able to give donations to non-profit school as well as help people with movement in their own bodies. I'm very excited to bring the incredible work of Joseph Pilates to the people of Kauai!


"For the first time I took Pilates and Jennifer was very patient with me . I noticed immediate results in my posture and sense of balance. Thank you Jennifer.Wishing you the best in your new venue!”

Bethanne Thomas, Bermuda

"Jennifer is a professional and competent instructor who tailors your sessions to meet your needs. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with her."

Vanessa, Singapore

Jenn Setser Davis is a dedicated student and a grateful teacher of the work of Joseph H. Pilates. Certified by Romana's Pilates in 2010, Jenn is fortunate to have worked with Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Pace, Cynthia Lochard and many others. When Jenn first encountered Pilates, she was hooked. She immediately dove into learning as much as she could and was constant in her focus to have Pilates in her body and to teach from a place of authenticity and depth. She has created Pilates for Hope in recent years in the Dominican Republic and now brings her talents to Hawaii. Jenn is dedicated to preserving the genuine work of Pilates as taught to her by Romana. As her teacher, I can easily say that I am very proud of her work and am inspired by her open, charitable spirit. When Jenn isn't in her studio creating Pilates bodies with dedicated clientele, you can find her chasing after her two beautiful young daughters, Lilly Bea and Ellaoise. 

Kerri Bender (level IV Instructor Trainer Romana's Pilates), Key Largo FL

3501 Rice St. Suite 2002 (Harbor Mall)
Lihue, Kauai County 96766

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